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In what ways can terrorism be distinguished from other forms of Essay

In what ways would terrorism be able to be recognized from different types of vicious clash Can fear based oppression ever be defended - Essay Example Political Specialist appear to be not able to concede to a solitary or uniform importance of the term psychological oppression, despite the fact that they concur on a basic level that fear based oppression is a way to a political or social end.(Beinin, 12, 23) Perhaps the most sensational meaning of psychological oppression is given by Netanyahu who portrays fear mongering as: Alex Schmid and Albert Jongman analyzed an intricate scope of meanings of psychological warfare and separated five shared factors. (Schmid and Jongman, 5) A typical component that represented in any event a 83.5 percent consistency was the utilization of power or savagery. (Schmid and Jongman, 5) At least 65 percent of the definitions concurred that demonstrations of psychological oppression were political in nature. (Schmid and Jongman,5) Another 52 percent of the definitions concurred that demonstrations of fear based oppression included the utilization of dread or dread, 47 percent concurred that dangers were utilized in psychological oppression plots and 41 percent concurred that psychological oppressors intended to item mental effect. (Schmid and Jongamn, 5) Different types of vicious clash are for the most part ascribed to war, guerrilla action, revolt and wrongdoing by and large. Wrongdoing itself is classified under two unmistakable heads. It can either be carried out on an individual premise or it tends to be a joint endeavor as frequently is the situation in cases of sorted out wrongdoing. (Cunningham and others, 7) Crime includes the deliberate overstepping of the law and rough wrongdoing includes some sort or attack either with or without a weapon. Like psychological oppression, â€Å"violent wrongdoings include power or danger of force.† (FBI) undeniably, fierce wrongdoing is like fear based oppression since it includes a level of power. The likenesses among war and fear based oppression are self-evident. The two types of savage clash have political or social points and both include the utilization of viciousness. Guerrilla fighting and exercises are by and large propagated during a formal or casual war either between

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Political ecnomony of japan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Political ecnomony of japan - Essay Example er the Second World War where Japan required revamping as well as the individuals in Japan were so totally crushed that there was basically no protection from the occupation. The American armed force was absolutely not invited as a brave power yet was to a great extent observed with a feeling of renunciation. The Japanese were tired of the war and were more than ready to begin once more under the direction of the American political plan which upheld majority rule standards. The non military personnel losses endured by Japan had put them at such a depressed spot, that they may have acknowledged anything to end the war and come back to regularity. Then again, after a short war which was thought to have finished the entire show, the Iraqi individuals battled against the occupation just as against one another (Al-Khabbaz, 2009). Above all, the American control of Japan after the Second World War accompanied help. Backing from the American open, support from the local nations and even help for the individual driving the occupation who had an astounding comprehension of the way of life and the individuals. In Iraq, America has none of these things referenced previously. The American open may have upheld the occupation at first yet as the loss of life rose and notions of the open changed, the American open to a great extent doesn't appear to help the Iraq occupation. The area is turning out to be progressively against American as the extreme components keep on utilizing Iraq as an image of American predominance and savagery while the American heads in Iraq seem to have small comprehension of what is really going on in the nation (Schwartz, 2004). Every one of these elements show that the Japanese and the Iraqi occupations are impressively not the same as one another. Schwartz, F. 2004, ‘Forced to be Free: Democratizing Occupations in Japan, Germany, and Iraq’, [Online] Available at:

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Extended Essay Topics in Business and Management

Extended Essay Topics in Business and ManagementThe college students will be happy if they will learn about extended essay topics in business and management. For the essay, they need to think in a comprehensive manner and will write an essay in a much longer time period. But, they have to have the perfect technique to write an essay.Online research is done by students to know about different resources. They will find many places where they can look for topics about their subject of interest. These students will not be in a position to visit the college itself. This makes it very difficult for them to search for the best topic. So, they will find online sites that offer extended essay topics in business and management.Students do not want to waste their precious time and effort in reading different topics that are in relation to their subjects. So, they will get many online essays writing sites. These essays writing sites are so much convenient and people can write and submit these es says at their convenience. One can start writing the essay after reading the content of the site.There are many things that students have to learn in order to write online essays. These things include the information about essay topics and features. After this, students can choose the most suitable topic according to their requirement. They can start writing the essays without any idea about the topic.Some students will take a huge amount of time in searching for these topics. So, the best option that they can use is the knowledge that they have from their teachers. So, if the teacher has always used these essay topics in business and management, then they will surely find the same essay topics in online writing sites.Another important thing that these students should understand is that they need to write an essay with more sincerity. The writing skills should be honed and the writer should remember to deliver his or her ideas in a right way. It is very difficult to write an essay w ithout writing properly.Students will not be able to write online essays in a very short period of time. So, the key point for them is to be composed and never leave out the subject. So, the online essay writing sites will help them manage their time better. So, these students do not have to spend much time on doing something that they really want to do.Students should realize that extended essay topics in business and management can be completed in no time. But, it is very important to know that how to develop the ability in writing an essay. So, students must follow the tips of online essay writing sites that are provided to them.

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The Paradigm Of Multilateral Security - 1124 Words

Today, the established way for describing security requirements, as reflected for example in the Common Criteria, an international standard to achieve comparability of independent IT security evaluations, starts with a description of the functional requirements, the system architecture, and its working environment. It then continues with a threat analysis that describes envisaged threats, possibly followed by an evaluation of the severity of threats through a risk analysis and ends with the definition of a security policy. But nowadays, the world is not as simple as that: in civil systems, in which we are interested, there are many more stakeholders who have an interest in an asset than just the owner of the IT system. More often than not, stakeholders have conflicting interests with respect to assets. The paradigm of multilateral security acknowledges this fact. Multilateral security contradicts the traditional view, which assumes that there is a ‘‘trusted tribe’à ¢â‚¬â„¢ who has a homogeneous set of security requirements against the rest of the world. But this traditional assumption still heavily influences common approaches toward security engineering. To take multilateral security seriously in security requirements engineering (SRE), a requirements engineering process must support engineers in identifying security goals of the security stakeholders, and in resolving conflicts among them—and in the reconciliation of security goals and other, notably functional, requirements.Show MoreRelatedAustralia: The Foreign Policy of the Hawke-Keating Government1501 Words   |  7 Pages The paradigm shift of Australian foreign policy from reliance on security through ‘‘great and powerful friends’’ towards the formation and strengthening of diplomatic and cultural relations with the Asia-Pacific region began arguably under the Whitlam government and has since become the predominant focus of foreign policy for both major parties. As a result, there exists a latent similarity in the foreign policy of successive Australian governments across the last 40 years that becomes more pronouncedRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking883 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause these efforts remain focused on sex trafficking of women and children as the paradigm. That dominant narrative, however, serves as a double-edged sword. While the current approach as a human rights risk pushing aside strategies that can contribute to antitrafficking efforts. More broadly, a multisector approach that employs methodologies from criminalization, human rights, the global ec onomy and other paradigms offers the best hope of developing a comprehensive response that can reduce the prevalenceRead MoreThe Two Eras of Globalization and Trade1112 Words   |  4 Pagesthat attracts everybody. However Globalization is a complex concept to be defined, there are many different definitions of Globalization. According to Thomas Friedman in his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree, he defined Globalization in terms of PARADIGM SHIFTS as the follow: â€Å" it is the inevitable integration of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before – in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations and nation-states to reach around the world farther, fasterRead MoreTrade Liberalization And Increased Transparency Essay1724 Words   |  7 Pagesachieve a balanced trade outcome in the end (Sidhu 2007). Theoretical frameworks Importantly, these cases could be analyzed through various world paradigms in order to give us a better understanding of the international system and its operational methods. We start by looking at the Chinese entry in to the WTO through the constructivist world view. This paradigm is of the belief that international organizations and international norms can change state behavior given that the world is socially connectedRead MoreTraditional And Non Traditional Threats Of State Security1650 Words   |  7 PagesTraditionally, threats to state security were seen as little more than the armies of other states.   Security was understood simply in terms of threats to state sovereignty and territory, which generally involved the use of military forces and diplomacy to deter and oppose the threats.   While a case can be made that the military threats in this Century are as apparent as ever, it is now generally recognised that they are not the only threats that face states and the people in them. Since the endRead MoreThe Realist and Liberalist Perspectives on International Relations and US Policy Stance Toward Iraq1186 Words   |  5 Pagesliberalist. There are various names that they are called, and they can also be split further into subdivisions. However, for the purposes of this question I will just refer to the main schools of thought, and the main aims of both the paradigms. At a first glance at this question, my gut feeling is that the United States aims to achieve the same as the liberalists, that of world peace. But the current stance of the US policy is to achieve this utopia by realist methods, pre-emptiveRead MoreFree Trade Agreements in East Asia: A Forerunner to Multilateralism?2101 Words   |  9 PagesAsian Nations (ASEAN) and China announced their intent to form the largest free trade area in the world, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji and his ASEAN counterparts signed the deal that became effective on the first of January 2010. This event marked a paradigm shift in thinking among the nations of ASEAN, the original intent of which was to keep an eye on communist aims, specifically Chinese aims in the region during the Cold War. As a result of the new trade deal, Japan and the Republic of Korea (RoK)Read MoreTerrorism And The United Nations Security Council1351 Words   |  6 PagesTerrorism by its very nature disrupts international peace and security through premeditated, political violence. The 11th September attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon disrupted the global economy. The attacks spawned an d facilitated widespread personal fear, panic and economic dislocation (Bergen, 2002). According to the United Nations Security Council, one of the objectives of the terrorists was to create a state of global anarchy by means of influencing the conduct of governmentRead MoreThe Concept Of Sustainable Development Essay1236 Words   |  5 Pagespeople started recognizing as undesirable outcomes such as environmental degradation, unfair systems, unequal wealth distribution to mentioned a few were the start of movements directed to incorporate environmental rights, fair accessibility and life security specially for the people living in Least Developed Countries LDC. I took this course as an elective because I am passionate about environmental issues. I was highly convinced that sustainable development was the creation of alternative choices forRead MoreNon Proliferation Treaty And The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights1594 Words   |  7 Pagesregarding acceptable or legitimate behavior. These rules of the game identify the rights and obligations of states, and they provide mechanisms for regulating conflict among states. The post-1945 international order comprises a large number of multilateral organizations, like the UN, NATO, EU, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as a large number of international agreements and treaties like the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and

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Sir Gawain And Don Quixote - 1373 Words

Chris Shea ENG 203 – Final Essay Professor Meghan Evans 12/09/15 Who is More Chivalrous, Sir Gawain or Don Quixote? Sir Gawain and Don Quixote†¦these brave men bolster the honor, courage, and bravery which can be only demonstrated by that of the chivalrous knight. They face strong adversity, yet are able to use their wit and cunning in order to gain the upper hand. They uphold the laws of chivalry every knight must obey. First a knight must obey God. Then a knight must obey his King and his Lords. And then a knight must obey his Lady Love. Yes with their majestic nobilities, these brave men represent the epiphany of all that is great about knighthood. Of course this is all unless one is referring to Don Quixote. First off in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain is a legitimate knight. He serves the court of King Arthur and is among the famous Knights of the Round Table. When the Green Knight breaks into the castle and demands that King Arthur play the ‘Beheading Game’ with him, Arthur voluntarily comes up and gets ready to do so. But then in an action comparable to a model knight, Sir Gawain volunteers to behead the Green Knight in Arthur’s place. This leads to the Green Knight picking his severed head up and telling Sir Gawain to meet him at the Green Chapel in a year and a day. Time passes by to the beginning of the next winter, where Sir Gawain must leave King Arthur’s castle (Camelot?) and ride to the Green Chapel. After days of riding and encountering dangerousShow MoreRelated Loyalty in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Odyssey by Homer and Don Quixote by Cervantes1764 Words   |  8 PagesLoyalty in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Odyssey by Homer and Don Quixote by Cervantes This essay has some structural problems. Loyalty is a theme found in many classics. The three classics that are discussed in this paper are _Sir Gawain and the Green Knight_, written by an unknown author, _The Odyssey_ by Homer, and _Don Quixote_, written by Miguel de Cervantes. In all three of the masterpieces loyalty can be traced through the characters action and words. Loyalty is evident inRead MoreDon Quixote Essay1083 Words   |  5 PagesLiterature Don Quixote Essay â€Å"With these word and phrases the poor gentleman lost his mind,† (Cervantes 20). In the beginning of Don Quixote, the reader is introduced to a man engulfed in chivalric books, who soon loses his mind in the stories of knighthood. Don Quixote is labeled as an insane man by the narrator who soon proves this statement through Don Quixote’s delusions and eccentric behaviors. As the narrator describes the delusions, the narrator’s tone is overly mocking towards Don Quixote’sRead MoreAn Assortment Of Heroism : Sir Gawain And The Green Knight1171 Words   |  5 Pagestales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Beowulf and The Dream of the Rood each have particularly strong themes of heroism, though, they each have their own distinct idea of what heroism is, their own flavor one might say. It is partly because of their strong themes and ideas that they are still well-known and read today. A story without a theme or real purpose has little to no value whatsoever. Perhaps the most notable thing to mention about the gallant character of Sir Gawain in Sir Gawain and theRead MoreThe Sonnet Form: William Shakespeare6305 Words   |  26 Pagessonnets were written—the sonnet was the form of choice for lyric poets, particularly lyric poets seeking to engage with traditional themes of love and romance. (In addition to Shakespeare’s monumental sequence, the Astrophel and Stella sequence by Sir Philip Sydney stands as one of the most important sonnet sequences of this period.) Sonnets were also written during the height of classical English verse, by Dryden and Pope, among others, and written again during the heyday of English Romanticism

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A Simple Definition Of Innovation - 1853 Words

A simple definition of innovation is the application of new forms or ideas to elaborate different process, products, services or in a broader level changing an entire organization, aiming to increase as well to attribute value to the business. In a competitive industry this value can represent a large contribution to earn market share and competitive advantage, using the capacity to encounter opportunities and detect connections. Competitive advantage can be accomplished by innovation, approaching it in an ample concept, that includes new forms of doing things and technology (Porter, 1990). In other words, as per O’Sullivan and Dooley (2009), innovation is responsible for the company’s growth, which can be dimensioned by profit and turnover. For them, innovation consists in proposing changes for things already established and in this way creates something distinct. They highlight as well that although this is an important topic for various disciplines, the term is va guely comprehended and often times confused with other topics, for example: creativity, design, invention and change. As already aforementioned in the definition, although there is a misunderstood relating innovation just to technology, the idea is more embracing them that, whereas include not just to develop novel technologies, but also enclose improvement of process, non-technological products and services as well the knowledge for whole Organization. The types of innovation are generally presented asShow MoreRelatedCurrent Process Of Nice Technology Appraisal1593 Words   |  7 Pagesto assess the innovation of a new product †¢ Subjective nature of scales to assess QALY (EQ-5D), †¢ No assessment of burden of illness †¢ No assessment of negative impact on society †¢ No assessment of wider societal benefit Proposal to Modify the current approach A proposal for NICE to modify their current approach is vital in order to improve the process. One key thing would be to assess the degree of innovation of the new product/device/medicine. Let’s review first what innovation means and whatRead MoreFor The Past Forty Years, Ohio Is Believed To Have Gone1580 Words   |  7 PagesFor the past forty years, Ohio is believed to have gone through a process of deindustrialization. This means that Ohio experienced a decline in manufacturing jobs. While this is a simple definition, the origins of the term â€Å"deindustrialization† gives a deeper, more pejorative meaning to the term. This darker meaning to the term is perhaps more effectively conveyed through the term â€Å"rust belt.† After Ohio wen through the process of deindustrialization, the lack of industrial jobs in a once boomingRead MoreTechnology And Technology1218 Words   |  5 Pagesit has existed as long as innovation has existed. A cave man using a stone t o grind up wheat is just as much an application of technology as Tesla’s implementation of self driving cars. The invention and utilization of the wheel is as technological as the invention of the smartphone. Every type of innovation and invention can be traced back to a point in time where someone saw a way to apply their knowledge to something. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of technology is the practicalRead MoreHow Business Strategy and Choices should be made700 Words   |  3 PagesAmbiguity in the policy can also result in misunderstanding. When choosing a business policy, it should be as appropriate as possible. It should be in line with the present organizational goal/s. what this implies is that a policy is supposed to be simple. However, the simplicity of a policy should be accompanied with comprehensiveness and flexible in operation- it should be wide in scope to enable the line managers use them routinely. When all the above is achieved, then it means that the policy isRead MoreAnalysis Of The External Environment Of Business Essay1595 Words   |  7 Pages(Bannock et al 2003). This authoritative definition of technology assumes technology only refers to the artifacts themselves rather than the way they are used and the theories governing their application. Human knowledge however, is an essential ingredient of technology and I therefore prefer the following definition: ‘The application of available knowledge and skills to create and use materials, processes and products (Needle 2004) This wider definition relates the application of knowledge toRead MoreLiterature Review : Social Innovation Essay1608 Words   |  7 Pages Literature Review Social Innovation Developing any organisation which seeks to promote the way in which a social sphere operates, be it in the form of non-profits, social enterprises or any organisational structure, inevitably is an existential process, asking difficult questions around the nature of authentic, valuable social innovation. A somewhat common understanding of social innovation is expressed below: Social innovation refers to innovative activities and services that are motivated byRead MoreAnalysis of the External Environment of Business1608 Words   |  7 Pages(Bannock et al 2003). This authoritative definition of technology assumes technology only refers to the artifacts themselves rather than the way they are used and the theories governing their application. Human knowledge however, is an essential ingredient of technology and I therefore prefer the following definition: ‘The application of available knowledge and skills to create and use materials, processes and products (Needle 2004) This wider definition relates the application of knowledge toRead MoreOpportunities And Threats Of Entrepreneurship1483 Words   |  6 PagesA large number of definitions of entrepreneurship have appeared during the past decades. One of the reasons is based on the fact that entrepreneurship represents different phenomenon in different aspects, â€Å"being analyzed as a process, a resource or a state-of-being† (Naudà ©, 2013). Thus, it is too complicated to propose the definition through a simple explanation. Naudà © (2013) argues that three main categories of definitions of entrepreneurship have formed: â€Å"behavioral definitions† (Kirzner, 1973;Read Moresystem theory1652 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ One of the biggest breakthroughs in how we understand and guide change in organizations is systems theory and systems thinking. There are two main definitions of a system, an implicit and an explicit phrase, with the explicit phrase being used in system thinki ng by organizations. The definition refers to a system as being a collection of highly integrated parts or subsystems that attain a specific goal, through inputs that are processed into precise outputs. And thus if a part of thisRead MoreEthics and Innovations in Marketing and Its Relevance with Consumer Behavior1654 Words   |  7 PagesETHICS AND INNOVATIONS IN MARKETING AND ITS RELEVANCE WITH CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Kishor N. Choudhary N.S.B.College, Nanded ABSTRACT: In order to be consumer-oriented, marketing will have to be truthful and ethical. That is why it is very important in marketing, as in any other field; to apply the principles of Ethics It is also important to apply the processes of innovation, to find new ways of marketing effectively. This Paper explains the concept of Ethics in Marketing and overview a number of issues

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Often Times People Tend To Look At A Work Of Art And Only See A Picture Essay Example For Students

Often Times People Tend To Look At A Work Of Art And Only See A Picture Essay Often times people tend to look at a work of art and only see a picture. Later, if one looks closer a clear message or meaning is depicted by the artist. Thomas Hart Bentons work, Cradling Wheat, for example is just a picture at first glance, but as one examines the painting closer, the story behind it becomes evident. This tempera and oil on board composition illustrates four men in a field threshing and bundling wheat. Benton draws the viewers eye forward by placing the characters in the foreground of the work and the surrounding landscape in the back. Here, the American artist presents the focal point he intended. The faces of the men in the piece are all hidden by hats, distance, or turned backs. By hiding their faces the conclusion can be drawn that these men are hired hands. Benton emphasizes the type of men by presenting them in similar clothing. All dressed in charcoal trousers and sky-blue work shirts, they appear to be wearing uniforms. Perhaps the artist feels that most farm hands were no-named and insignificant and expresses his opinion by giving them these characteristics. Assumable is the fact that the painting depicts times before electricity and the invention of motors because the men are using hand tools to cut and bundle the wheat. Included in the focal point, of course, is the wheat. Benton combines texture and a vivid shade of tan to bring the wheat field to life. While the texture of the wheat is definite, it is also soft, creating the effect of a light breeze in the Midwestern scene. The brightness of the color of the wheat also adds to the 3 atmosphere created by the artist. While the background sets a certain mood, the brilliance of the wheat helps define the type of day Benton wanted to portray-a hot, summer afternoon. In addition to the wheat, a few small wildflowers are scattered throughout the field. The philosophy behind the dispersed blossoms suggests a break in the monotony of constancy. There is a constancy of wheat and a constancy of labor and while the clever, American artist is aiming to show the life of a farmhand, he added the flowers to simply break up the invariability. The secondary part of the composition, the background, does nothing more than set the mood or atmosphere and provide a specific landscape for the work. Closest to the focal point is a line of trees and foliage which separates the wheat field from another field. The use of the dark emerald vegetation emphasizes the certainty that the scene is on an immense farm. Behind the wild foliage is another spacial field of a light shade of green. By adding this field, Benton implies that the farm grows a variety of crops, but again, it chiefly adds to the landscape and little more than that. Following the light green field is yet another field. It appears to be a second wheat field of a darker shade oftan. The tawny hue of this field gives a shaded effect achieving a distant air. While most of the background exclusively sets the scene, this subsequent wheat field also seems to signify the vast workload.